Dec. 18th, 2007 09:52 am
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I evidently, just won a contest. One of my singles sites (geek2geek.com) had a silly contest. You watched the promo of the HogFather TV Movie (based on the book by Terry Pratchett) and emailed back with who took over for the Hogfather... Since I'd read the book, I didn't bother with the promo, and sent something in because I was bored.

Anyway, I seem to have won some stuff. The Hogfather book (which I think I already have) The Hogfather movie (Which I've already seen) the 10th Kingdom DVD (Which I may or may not have seen, I don't remember) the Merlin DVD (Ditto) and a sci-fi checkers set!

I'm assuming that a sci-fi checkers set will be a cardboard board and plastic checkers with some goofy sci-fi picture on them. I don't think that the sci-fi channel had anything to do with this, otherwise I'd say it was just checkers with the Sci-Fi Channel saturn on them...

so, um, yay I'll now have a science fiction version of a game which has been mathematically solved!

(Sorry, I just got into work and hadn't rinsed my coffee cup out enough, so it was soapy so I'm in a bit of a mood)


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