Jan. 18th, 2007

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So, I finally got the call from VWC today to schedule the interview. First some background.

The original email was from an acting Vice President for Academic Affairs. Basically, the 2nd in charge of the campus, if I'm counting right.

She emailed me to ask I was still interested and if she could call to offer me an interview. I said sure. Two days and several emails later, we had figured out when she was going to call, 9:30 today, or if I wasn't in, 2:00.

I WAS in at 9:30, but nothing. At 2:00 nothing. at 2:25, I get a call. Now, she's a busy administrator, so fine, she has time management issues. Whatever. I have office hours that start at 2:30, and she knew that, but again, whatever, no one ever comes to my office.

At 2:25 she told me the salary range (A bit low actually), asked if I was still interested (again) and asked if it would be ok to start an email process to schedule the actual interview sometime in mid February. I said sure.

So, let me get this straight: The 2nd in charge of the college, emailed me to ask if she could call me to ask if she could email me to schedule an interview?



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