Apr. 4th, 2007

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My friend Bob bought a new bicycle the other day. It had little symbols on it that the salesman told him were ancient symbols of luck. Bob was skeptical, but it was a good bike for cheep, so he got it.

He showed it to me this morning, and I pointed out a knob that he hadn't noticed before. We tried to figure out what it was. It had 3 settings, but they were labeled by inscrutable symbols. One of them looked sort of like a yam. The knob was currently set on the left most symbol which resembled a cross between an old fashioned alarm clock and a microwave oven. We tried to figure it out, but there weren't any cables or anything that we could find. Eventually we decided to set the bike to "yam" and see what happened. We didn't notice anything at first, but after he rode home, he called me to say that the green bananas he'd bought yesterday were now all the perfect ripeness.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when he's going to set his bike to "squirt gun on a telephone".


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