Apr. 5th, 2007

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Welcome to the M.C. Escher drawing that has been my morning

Actually my morning has been pretty Euclidean so far... But it's early yet.
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They've probably already seen this But I figured that at least three of you would be interested. You know who you are.
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You ever have one of those mornings? where you wake up and your bedroom is filled floor to ceiling with fried mushrooms? (Fortunately they were cool to the touch)

After fighting my way out of my bedroom (and eating a few of the mushrooms (luke warm fried mushroom... not so good)), and took a shower, I set about clearing the shrooms out of my room. When I was done, I found a small doorway in one wall that had been left ajar. I'd never noticed it before, so I looked in. There was a man at a desk with a green accountant's visor on. He looked very confused to see me. I apologized or the mushrooms, and sent me back to my bedroom with a new toaster.

When I used the new toaster for breakfast, I found that it only works with whole wheat... oh well.


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