Aug. 21st, 2007

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So, I went camping on Saturday. Went to Vermont, where I found that the recomended campground was full, so I went to another one.

Once there, I realized that I had left some medicine at home. So, I went for a kayak and a short walk on Sunday, and drove home on Monday.

During the drive home, I decided to take a short hike. I felt like crap, but figured what the heck, 2 miles out and 2 miles back, no problem. It was 2 miles straight up, and 2 miles straight down. Not a bad hike actually, if I hadn't felt like crap... anyway, I made it and slept very well last night.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the next week and a half. I've decided that hiking and kayaking etc can be done just as easily as day trips from here, where I have a nice bed, and I can actually hang out with people if I want. Being alone in a campsite isn't appealing this week. Sometimes it is, but this week, I'm starting to get excited about meeting new people again, when I move, so I don't really feel like the whole solitude of nature thing...
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So, I was driving back from Vermont yesterday and was reminded of something I wanted to ask here. I want a list of songs with good vocabulary words in them.


They Might be Giants "Mammal": Allotheria

Billy Bragg "The Saturday Boy": unrequited

I'm debating whether Shania Twain "This Kiss": Perpetual really counts.

rules: Tom Lehrer probably doesn't count (the elements song CERTAINLY doesn't count). No song explicitly to show vocab counts. TMBG might not count either.

(This was mostly caused by a mis-hearing of Sting's "We work the Black Seam". I thought it had the word chthonic...)



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