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so, I'm working on a project that involves smartphones. Basically, I'm developing something for WindowsMobile. The problem is that it seems that the only two options are JavaME, and Visual Studio (C, C++, C#, C&*, whatever). I spent a week trying to figure out how to do what I want in JavaME, unfortunately it doesn't look like JavaME has USB support, which is necessary. So, I'm stuck with Visual studio, and I'm stuck on the Vista machine that I never got around to installing Linux on...

Now, Visual studio 2008 is coming out next week sometime, so we have that on order. However, there's a "free trial version" available for download. I figure, that's good for 90 days, I get that, and use it until the real version comes in.

Unfortunately, the trial comes as a 2G disk image. I downloaded it last night and found this morning that Vista doesn't come with a way to mount disk images! They suggest that you burn it to a DVD yourself, and then mount it. How dumb is that? So, I spent this morning looking for freeware virtual disk mounting program. I find one and after FINALLY figuring out how it works, mount the DVD and ... there's a corrupted file or something, so it can't copy all the files.

So, now I'm downloading MS Visual Studio on my Mac Mini (which has a DVD Burner) so I can burn a DVD and try installing the stupid way. Then I'll "get" to use Visual Studio Team edition until my copy of Professional version comes next week. Blargle. <\lj-cut>

Jeez do I hate Microsoft.
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