Jan. 8th, 2007

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So, I enacted the next step in my cunning meta-plan today. At the suggestion of a friend, I contacted the UMD Career center, and asked them for help. It seems that this is the sort of thing that they do.

They gave me a phone appointment right then. I basically said that I got my PhD in CS, but pretend that it's math because it would be more accurate. She said to send my CV, which I did, and now we see what she has to say.

I have a feeling that this is more likely to help in plan A.5 (CS/math intersection, programming or something like that) than Plan B (Think tank/policy job) but that's just fine.

For the record, I have almost given up on Plan B, in favor of Plan C (getting a Masters in Public Policy and THEN trying for Plan B)

Yes, I know that I'm over-analyzing. shush.
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Has anyone else had trouble accessing LJ through Firefox on a unix box?

My new linux box can't get to LJ in Firefox. It can in Mozilla, and my old linux box can get to LJ in Firefox...

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When I was trying to make beef soup, I couldn't find good recipes. Now that I'm trying to make minestrone, All of the recipes I find (that claim to be minestrone) are beef vegetable soup.

what is wrong with me???


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