Dec. 18th, 2007 09:52 am
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I evidently, just won a contest. One of my singles sites (geek2geek.com) had a silly contest. You watched the promo of the HogFather TV Movie (based on the book by Terry Pratchett) and emailed back with who took over for the Hogfather... Since I'd read the book, I didn't bother with the promo, and sent something in because I was bored.

Anyway, I seem to have won some stuff. The Hogfather book (which I think I already have) The Hogfather movie (Which I've already seen) the 10th Kingdom DVD (Which I may or may not have seen, I don't remember) the Merlin DVD (Ditto) and a sci-fi checkers set!

I'm assuming that a sci-fi checkers set will be a cardboard board and plastic checkers with some goofy sci-fi picture on them. I don't think that the sci-fi channel had anything to do with this, otherwise I'd say it was just checkers with the Sci-Fi Channel saturn on them...

so, um, yay I'll now have a science fiction version of a game which has been mathematically solved!

(Sorry, I just got into work and hadn't rinsed my coffee cup out enough, so it was soapy so I'm in a bit of a mood)
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So, I just got back from a holiday party at a co-worker's house. I was the youngest person there by about 10-15 years. This isn't surprising, given my office, but yeah... Anyway, that wasn't my peeve.

I normally don't mind when people say "Merry Christmas" to me. I mean, I can be happy on Dec 25 as easily as any other day I suppose. When I get told "Merry Christmas" many times in a row, it starts to get to me. It makes me feel like an "Other"... Anyway, that also wasn't my peeve.

When people ask my whether I'm going back to MD for the Holiday, I tell them that I'm Jewish. It puts an end to the line of questioning pretty quickly, and isn't all that awkward... at least no more awkward than the position they put me in... (for some reason everyone I've said this to has seemed surprised. I don't get it... No one has felt the need to apologize (Nor should they, I can just imagine someone feeling that way)). That isn't my peeve either.

My peeve is that everyone assumes that my hat is a Christmas hat.

For those that haven't seen me in a while, or have forgotten, or something, I have a fleece jester's hat. It's blue with green on the bottom, and two bell-points. It's very warm, and I've had it for probably 12-13 years. I love my hat. I wear it because I'm a juggler, and that's why my mother gave it to me. It has absolutely nothing to do with "the season" except in so far as "the season" is winter, and it's a winter hat. If it were some combination of red, white and green, I would understand the confusion. If it only had one bell-point, I would understand the confusion. This is very clearly a jester's hat. Is there some Christmas tradition involving jester's hats that I'm not aware of? I don't think so. I think people just assume that anything happy during December is related to Christmas.

And THAT bothers me.
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For no apparent reason, the word of the day is "sponge".

Please use the word "sponge" as many times as possible today.

thank you.
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It seems that my birthday is Pretend you're a time traveler day.


(Whattya think [livejournal.com profile] tiggrrl?)
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I'm in the process of moving a bunch of old files to a new system, so I get a choice of how I set things up.

[Poll #1100547]
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It's Friday and I'm having a poll. [Poll #1097833]
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anyone have a good telephone headset that they'd like to recommend? I am thinking about getting a hands free set for work. My phone is a completely normal phone with an RJ9 port for the handset (the normal small telephone jack). I'm tired of having a crick in my neck after waiting on hold for 2 hours...
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Does anyone know anything about programming for bluetooth? Does anyone know anyone who knows anything about programming for bluetooth? I'm trying to write something in C,C++, Java, perl or , frankly, any other language that I already know, that does some really simple things with bluetooth. I can't find any good references on the web.

Remember when finding information on the internet was like taking a sip from a firehose? I miss those days. I mean, just a firehose?? wow.
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So, it finally finished installing (in less than 3 hours!) and I started to play with it. I was downright astounded to notice that you can change the key bindings to emacs mode!!! Visual Studio has just gone up one rank in my esteem. (to "Maybe usable, if I hafta")

Also, changing the colors to be gold on black wasn't all that hard.
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And when I finally get the thing on a DVD and try to install it that way, it hangs. I kill it and try it again, and it says "I'm sorry, you already have a copy running." I make sure to kill all processes that are relevant, and it still says that. I reboot and try again, and it hangs.

I have a PhD in computer science. I am *NOT* an idiot. How can I be failing to install a Microsoft product?

Excuse me while I go shoot myself.
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(I should probably get a work icon... oh well)

so, I'm working on a project that involves smartphones. Basically, I'm developing something for WindowsMobile. The problem is that it seems that the only two options are JavaME, and Visual Studio (C, C++, C#, C&*, whatever). Short story long )
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So, driving home, I decided to make a poll:

[Poll #1084822]

Every day when I drive to and from work, there's a sign by the highway for the Stone Zoo. Under it, it says "Meercats!" complete with exclamation mark. So, every day, I say "meercats!" twice. that's a lot more meercats than most people.
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so, it's been a while since I've posted, so here is the state of the Mango: Lonely )
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I need to keep better track of what I'm doing.

I'm trying to debug this stupid program, fine, it's my job. but I get into these complicated diagnostic schemes where I take code from one place and put it into another to see what happens. But by the time I've done what I decided to test, I've forgotten what the test was supposed to tell me. And sometimes, I forget what the test even was, and end up back where I started.

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I've decided that I need new headphones for use at the office. Only hearing music in one ear just isn't cutting it anymore... So, what headphones do you reccomend?

I'm thinking that I don't need the really expensive $100 ones, and I can't stand ear buds. So, I figure less than $35, maybe $40, and no earbuds.

Any suggestions?
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And the Brian said "Let there be art".

And there was art.

And it was damn fine.

Tomorrow I clean, then Chez Mango is open for business!
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So, today was my second day of work, so I had some idea of what kind of furniture I'l have, etc. Therefore I felt comfortable bringing stuff in. This, of course, included several brains (and altoids). One of the brains that I brought was a glass glowing brain. It's like one of those balls that you touch and you get jolts of electrisity. except that it's a blue brain.

Anyway, after I'd set things up, and started to work, I found that my mouse (one of the new mac mighty mouses) was hyperactive. Whenever my hand came close, it would click like crazy. After about 30 minutes of trying various solutions (replace the mouse, try a different USB port, look at various settings) we realized that the problem was that the brain was putting out too much EMF and was messing up the mouse. My Brain was too much for the mouse!

In other news, my car still has the "check engine" light on. Dang.
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Well, everything is out of boxes at this point. pictures aren't up yet (that'll be tomorrow I think) but things are mostly in place at this point, so I feel like I can give an official (in case anyone cared) casualty report.

1) glass canister about half full of sugar. Fortunately, it was wrapped well, so the sugar didn't escape. I've already replaced it with a plastic one.

2) A (ugly) sculpture that my grandfather made. The main effect of this will be that the next time I see him, I have to take another one of his creations. He's like an incredibly prolific 5 year old. but wen I take things from him, it makes him happy. So be it.

Basically thats it. the furniture all fits. my clothes fit, my kitchen stuff all fits. My books don't quite fit, so I had to double shelve some of my paperbacks...

I still have packing paper and bubble wrap everywhere. but maybe that'll be gone by monday... we'll see.
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On the radio yesterday, I heard an ad for the Freemasons. THE FREEMASONS need to ADVERTISE? what? there aren't enough people interested in world domination? or, you know, making walls with bricks, or whatever Freemasons actually do, you know.
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