Nov. 20th, 2007

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(I should probably get a work icon... oh well)

so, I'm working on a project that involves smartphones. Basically, I'm developing something for WindowsMobile. The problem is that it seems that the only two options are JavaME, and Visual Studio (C, C++, C#, C&*, whatever). Short story long )
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And when I finally get the thing on a DVD and try to install it that way, it hangs. I kill it and try it again, and it says "I'm sorry, you already have a copy running." I make sure to kill all processes that are relevant, and it still says that. I reboot and try again, and it hangs.

I have a PhD in computer science. I am *NOT* an idiot. How can I be failing to install a Microsoft product?

Excuse me while I go shoot myself.
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So, it finally finished installing (in less than 3 hours!) and I started to play with it. I was downright astounded to notice that you can change the key bindings to emacs mode!!! Visual Studio has just gone up one rank in my esteem. (to "Maybe usable, if I hafta")

Also, changing the colors to be gold on black wasn't all that hard.


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